With more than 20 freelancers, from creative minds to administrative cracks, a colourful festival is put together with a lot of love and enthusiasm. We are inspired by the queer world, where being different is normal and love knows no boundaries. We would like to bring this barrier-free universe closer to you with the Luststreifen Film Festival. We are a team that creates an unforgettable festival experience for you every year. Hand in hand, we want to encourage you to rethink and together with you, we want to create more space for diversity.

Tara Toffol
Toni Kovacevic (Finances)

Xenia Nguyen

Katja Morand (Leitung Programmation)
Ana Santos, Anna Bell, Mara Ursprung (Programmation & Programmkoordination)
Fabienne Bieri, Gabriella Soliman (Produktion)

Pascale Thomann (Media Relations)
Stella Pozzi (Press)

Lukas Stadelmann (Art Direction)
Emily Wren, Maria Fratta (Graphic Design)

Jasmin Camenzind (Food & Beverage)
Lea Dora Illmer (Deko)
Lea Moser (Webseite)