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Luststreifen Film Festival presents four Lust Awards again this year: «Audience Award», «Best Documentary Short», «Best Fictional Short» and «Best Porn Short». The Lust Awards are awarded by a selected professional jury of experts, in recognition of outstanding cinematic achievements. As last year, the audience by means of an analogue voting system votes for the «Audience Award».


Mariama Balde is a Lausanne based filmmaker and film critic. She has directed several short-films presented at national and international festivals.
Before stepping behind the camera, she reviewed numerous films, published articles discussing the Swiss film industry and led more than a hundred interviews with filmmakers, actors and producers from all around the globe. Her writing has also appeared in die WOZ, le Courrier, Filmbulletin, Indiewire and several other outlets.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in cinema from ECAL (Lausanne School of Art & Design).


Delphine Luchetta is a visual artist, videographer, photographer and media producer who lives and works in Geneva. She has worked with many artists and cultural organisations such as Iris Gallarotti, MAMCO, Cie 7273, Mapping Festival.
Trained as a screenwriter and in post-production (analogue, digital) she is the founder of Susu-prod, a production company active since 2002, specialised in developing documentaries, fictions and interactive video projects. With a long experience as a technical crew member on short films, she is also versed in journalism, having interviewed personalities such as Isabelle Carré, Billy Gould and Vincent Cassel.
In 2017, she joined the team of Ressources Urbaines, a cultural and real estate coop in Geneva, which offers affordable production, exchange and diffusion spaces to artists and creators.
Acting as community manager and animator, she creates photos, videos, texts, sounds clips and interviews to produce portraits, news clips and announcements to both promote and archive the coop’s activities.


Sina Früh is artistic co-director of the queer film festival Pink Apple. Previously she worked as a storyteller for letsmuseeum at the Kunsthaus Zürich and as a freelance project manager and presenter. In addition to her work in the cultural sector, she is a singer, theatre actor and is currently completing further training as a secondary school teacher. She studied English literature, film studies and gender studies.

Mariama Balde

Delphine Luchetta

Sina Früh


Lust Award Winners 2020

Daria Volchok (2019)



WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD «MES CHÉRIS»Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, (2020)





Philipp Gurtner is a self-taught artist whose creative work revolves around classical-figurative painting with modern and abstract elements and is presented in a contemporary manner. Philipp explores the romantic, nostalgic and sensual as well as the dark sides of life: nihilism, existentialism, longing and loneliness, which are contrasted with fragile and impressionistic beauty. Although he is a figurative painter, his focus is always on the emotional content and not on narrative or exuberant abstraction. The atmospheres in his sculptural, illustrative and painterly works are often depicted in a dream-like state with elements of realism, surrealism, idealism and impressionism.

Philipp Gurtner


Due to the current situation, we cannot provide accreditations this year. We kindly ask media representatives and professionals to purchase their tickets for desired film screenings themselves. If necessary, screeners and film stills can be provided for festival coverage. The use of the screeners is only for the preview of the films for editorial reporting. Any misuse or reuse is prohibited.

Enquiries directed to the media team at: medien@luststreifen.com


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