Kurzfilmwettbewerb: SEX! SEX! SEX!

GODASSES - Part III: Jamal Phoenix
Emre Busse, Deutschland 2022, 8’ (Englisch / DE)
Trans porn talent Jamal Phoenix redefines the desirable body outside of a hegemonic society’s normative restrictions and, because of the specific relationship that pornographic images have to their audience, fucks with a viewer’s assumed self-assurance as being a coherent sexual subject.

La Fille Renne, Laure Giappiconi, Elisa Monteil, Frankreich 2021, 7’ (Französisch / EN)
“In my dreams, I fuck girls all day long.” A poetic story, between fantasy and reality, on desire when we are non-binary, and our body and our genitals do not always match to what we would like to be, and what we would like to do, during sex. The narrator are obsessed with fucking girls with his cock, but have a vulva; and the reality, with a prosthetic cock, is less exciting than fantasies.

Aló, Tormenta Cósmica, Brasilien 2021, 26’ (Portugiesisch / EN)
Tormenta Cósmica and Aló are enjoying a lazy afternoon sunbathing and taking care of their precious skin. Things start to heat up when Tormenta places her ass up and asks for a longspanking session. Aló is thrilled to tame the lover to the climax.

The Holey Grail
Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, Deutschland 2022, 5’ (Englisch / EN)
It’s trial by goblet for this horny cup-bearer on his first day. Madame is thirsty and he’d better not spill a drop!

abcde Flash, Schweiz 2022, 6’ (kein Dialog)
Content Warning: blood, needles
The menstrual cycle has four phases, and abcde Flash has mastered them all. From the oh-so-draining ovulation, to the absolute mind-fuckery of the luteal phase, she arrives at the follicular and menstruation phases, where creativity easily flows.
By accepting each phase for what it is, Flash has transformed this never-ending experience of highs and lows into a most reliable routine: a cycle that, like clockwork, she knows she can count on.

Rise & Shine
Mahx Capacity, USA 2022, 14’ (Englisch / EN)
Dahlia Doll and Dove know just how to get each other up in the morning
When Dahlia Doll wakes up feeling frisky, it’s no time before she rouses Dove from their slumber. The switchy brats take a tumble in the sheets, and wrestling for top leaves Dove with the upper hand. But when Dahlia gets Dove’s swollen girlcock in their mouth, all bets are off…

Fuck the Fascism: The Crossing / Crossroads of Two Worlds
MariaBasura, Chile, Spanien 2019, 10’ (Spanisch / EN)
Content Warning: violence, blood
In Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, a Selk'nam descendant tells the horrific story of ethnocide of the Fuegian peoples. His testimony makes us aware of how the precursors of these massacres and their heirs are still responsible for the usurpation of native lands and the violent repression against communities.
Activists decide to take a revenge that will lead them to a small town in Spain, birthplace of one of the forefathers of the genocide against the native peoples of the south.

Followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.

Friday, 30th September
20:15 (75 min.), Neues Kino

Saturday, 1st October
22:00 (75 min.), Neues Kino

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