Award Ceremony

This year, the awards ceremony will take place in a cosy atmosphere at the Humbug bar. As every year, the Lust*Awards will be handed out for the best short films.

Audience Award
Best Documentary
Short Best Fictional
Short Best Porn Short

no program

Porn Roundtable


Queer and feminist pornography in Europe: Screening, performing, producing. What does the queer porn landscape in Europe look like? What makes porn queer? And what are we trying to achieve?  Panel discussion with Rouse Renoir (Basel, CH), Katja Morand (Luststreifen Programmation) and special guests from the Luststreifen Porn Shorts. Moderated by Fabienne Bieri (Luststreifen). (Language: English)

Prinz ip – scenic reading


Like sex and sex education, huh? Menstruation yay or not? And why is there straw lying around?

With these and other questions in mind, the theatre group Prince Ip launched a call for self-written texts of all kinds. The result is a diverse reading that addresses a number of topics that are currently on our minds, from humorous to serious. Unfortunately, we still don’t know why there is straw.

Lust*Voll 1


The first evening of Luststreifen Film Festival will kick off with a Shibari performance by GlüWür (Barcelona, BS) & Renoir (Basel, CH). With spectacular bondage and instrumental sounds, they explore physical limits and the endless possibilities of the mind together. The usical part of the evening will be with Perra Inmunda (Berlin, DE). The climax will give us hoe_mies (Berline, DE).

Workshop “Play Things”


What does a sex toy do? In the workshop “Play Things” by, the first sex-positive and queer-feminist sex shop in Switzerland, we will turn everyday objects into toys. With a playful change of perspective we will find new ways to experience sensuality and eroticism. Accompanied by Jessica and Sarah, who bring their expertise in sex toys, as well as their queer perspective on a heteronormative social system. The workshop will be in German.

Introduction in BDSM & Impact Play


In this three-hour workshop, Michelina and Sidonia from Zwischenwelten will introduce you to the basics of BDSM and negotiation. In the first part we look at the theory: we share our definition of BDSM with you, give you the most important basics, answer questions and give practical tips on creating and experiencing kinky rituals. In the second part we demonstrate a popular practice in BDSM: playing with hitting. How much impact and intensity do I want to feel on my body? How hard and where am I allowed to hit? With our hands as the only tool we will show you a few techniques and possibilities to live out a consensual and pleasurable game with pain and intensity. All those who want to will also get the chance to experiment and play. The workshop will be in German.



OMGYes! is a survey conducted in 2020 and 2021 about the experience of intimate touch, sexual pleasure, masturbation and orgasms. The aim of the study was to investigate arousal, orgasms and quality of intimate sexual touch among vulva-wearing and intersex people living in Switzerland. The study has been completed and the authors will report on the findings.

Self-tying for Pleasure


GlüWür (Barcelona, ES) & Rouse Renoir (Basel, CH) will show you how you can  explore your own pleasure with ropes. We will show you how to use different bondage techniques on yourself to explore your body and your limits. Some technical basics of Shibari, stimulation of erogenous zones and exploring pain, pleasure, discomfort and vulnerability are part of the workshop. It does not include any physical partnering exercises and all genders/levels are welcome. Comfortable clothes and own ropes are an advantage (ropes: 3x 8m with 4-6mm diameter, all materials are possible: cotton, jute, hemp, polyester…).

Glitter Reading


It’s hard to believe: more and more queer literature is being produced in Switzerland. As the first queer literary magazine in the German-speaking world, Glitter offers it glamorous space and cranks up the mental cinema with three award-winning authors at Luststreifen. An orgasmic firework of sparkling synapses.

Lust*Voll 2


The second Lust*Voll has it all! Brot mit Sause from Basel open the evening with hip beats and juicy sounds! The show continues with bassy and chaotic tracks and performances by Yougo Girl, followed by a performance by Jo DyKing. A dance breather will be given to us by Gabriel Starobinski, lawyer, LGBTQAI+ activist and drag performer. But one climax is not enough – with Soft Spot, the last reserves of endorphins will be released.


24.09.2021 – 03.10.2021

This year’s Luststreifen Film Festival’s kick-off is the queer art exhibition Lust*Art, showing omnipotent queer deities, a lust soundtrack, a loud anti-hetero manifesto in installative form, and other works that break with norms of sexuality and gender. This year the focus is on “consent”: what does consent look like in a Dom/sub relationship, where does consent become visible in dialogue with bodies, how does consent work in relation to disability? Explore queer art in the form of photography, comics, interactive computer games and much more. New this year is the cooperation with the artist residency La Chotte from Salavaux (VD).

In an open panel, guests and interested audience are invited to discuss queer art in Switzerland and the visibility of consent on an artistic level. The vernissage will take place on September 24th starting at 7pm with two performances and artists present. Competition to Art Basel? Sure, just much queerer. The finissage will take place on October 3rd with a performative reading. 

Lust*Art: Warteck, Burgweg 7, 4058 Basel, 3rd floor.

Listening station of Lusttonspur: ROXY Birsfelden. Contemporary theater and dance productions, Muttenzerstrasse 6, 4127 Birsfelden,


abcde Flash

Chienne De Garde (La Chotte residency)

Dominick Boyle & Romanos Theodoridis

Fabienne Bieri

Lina Ehrentraut

Levin Stettler-Brogli

Ira Giol

Sarah Wimmer

Selma Matter & Marie Lucienne Verse


Tanja Baltermia & Piet Esch

Valerie Reding

Opening Hours: 

Friday 24.09.21, 19.00-23.00

19.00 Vernissage

20.00 Performances: Walking a straight Line won’t get you around the World (Levin Stettler-Brogli) / “This body doesn’t belong to you” (Chienne De Garde) / LOOKING (Dominick Boyle & Romanos Theodoridis)

Saturday 25.09.21, 13.00-21.00

Sunday 26.09.21, 13.00-17.0

Tuesday 28.09.21

19.00-22.00, Open Panel on Queer Art Switzerland / Consent in Art

Friday 01.10.21, 18.00 – 22.00

Saturday 02.10.21, 14.00 – 22.00

Sunday 03.10.21, 11.00 – 17.00

14.30 – Finissage, ALICE, HOW FAR DON’T YOU HAVE TO GO UNTIL YOUR LEGS ARE DISTURBED (Matter*Verse) – in German

The Lust*Art is wheelchair accessible. 


13.00 – 20.00

15:00 Lust strip speed dating with !

Come with your companion, your date or alone to the polyamory stall at the Lust*Markt. In a cosy spot, draw each other interesting question cards on the topic of sex, relationships and everything in between.

LASH Fetish Gear

LASH Fetish Gear makes unique collars, harnesses, bracelets and other accessories.


Handmade custom jewellery from Paris.

Switzerland’s first sex-positive, queer-feminist sex shop offers a selected range of high-quality sex toys, safer sex products, lubricants and accessories.

Ingrid Vetter

Ingrid Vetter will tattoo for you at the Lust*Markt from a selection of flashes or motifs of your choice. Included is our logo and much more! Come and see!

Labyrinth Basel

The bookshop “Das Labyrinth” in Basel is for many people their bookshop of the heart and place of trust. The Labyrinth has a humanities orientation and offers expert advice as well as the acquisition of unusual or rare titles. In contrast to large bookshops with a confusing offer flooded with bestsellers, the Labyrinth is an oasis of peace and a small paradise where pearls can be discovered that the reader did not know about.The Labyrinth is happy for any support – Come to the book table and buy local!


T-shirts, bags, posters and more.

Michelle Gutierrez

Photo Prints by Michelle Gutierrez

Rouse Renoir / GlüWür

Handmade sex-positive products and clothing by Rouse Renoir and GlüWür.

Feminist Sexshop Collective

Info booth of the new collective from Freiburg.


Minibags for diversity. Handmade in Berne.