Drama, 81′
Johannes M. Schmit, Germany 2020

Summer in the Brandenburg province. Markus is torn between his love for his grannies in need of care and his longing for a different life in Berlin. In daydreams, a gaggle of dazzling demons appears to him more and more frequently as harbingers of a queer urban family of choice that will free him from his loneliness. When he falls in love with Duc, everything becomes even more complicated. Because actually the packed boxes for the move to the big city are already in Markus’ new apartment.

Where do I want to live – and how? Writer/lead actor Tucké Royale and director Johannes M. Schmit deal with these existential questions in their debut film from the perspective of a young queer man in the Uckermark region. And answer them with a decidedly non-normative way of life, in which liberation from conservative notions of sexuality and gender plays just as much a role as commitment and mutual care. Their queer homeland film was created far away from the big metropolises as an independent production in an artists collective that is concerned with ambivalent (counter)narratives and a “new self-evidence”. In January 2020, “Neubau” celebrated its premiere in the feature film competition of the Max Ophüls Preis film festival. There, it was awarded Best Feature Film, receiving special praise from the jury for its “power to generate empathy.” Tucké Royale also received the Socially Relevant Film Award for its writing and acting.