Drama, 90′
Henrika Kull, Deutschland 2021

Sascha has been working in the Berlin brothel Queens for years. Maria is the new girl, unadjusted, self-sufficient, queer. Sascha is immediately attracted by this otherness, Maria in turn is fascinated by Sascha’s sovereignty. The attraction turns into a love that works differently than anything either of them has known before. It is the promise of great happiness. But then their connection threatens to break – because of the fear of really showing themselves to each other and facing their own abysses.

In “Glück”, Henrika Kull tells of two women who meet in a world where female bodies are commodities. In authentic, powerful images, she follows her two main characters as they first sneak around each other, then dance around each other, soon unable to live without each other, but also unable to really live with each other. A sweeping love story that knows no boundaries.