Fictional Shorts Competition

To all the boys I loved

Franco Ariel Malizia, Argentina 2020, 3’, (Spanish/EN)

Every person who passes through our lives leaves a mark on ourselves, but none is as permanent as those left by the people we once loved.

Spring in Autumn

Ghasideh Golmakani, Iran 2021, 8‘ (Persian/EN)

An Iranian woman leaves her husband and travels to Russia. Memories of her world cup trip come up, as well as an uncomfortable secret …


Rodrigo Sena, Arlindo Bezerra, Ernani Silveira, Brazil 2021, 20‘ (Portugiese/EN)

The sexcams industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. In contemporary life, personal relationships have decreased statistically and virtual meetings have increased. Unemployment increases as people search for alternatives suitable for the digital labor market. More and more, new or old professions are being reinvented

Scenes from Childhood

Kimberly Palermo, Brazil 2021, 6’ (without dialogue)

A young mouse in his late childhood lives the perfect life. He plays with his dolls, eats cookies and listens to fairy tales – until a sleepless night changes everything.

God’s Daughter Dances

Sungbin BYUN, Südkorea 2020, 25’ (Korean / EN)

A transgender female dancer, Shin-mi, gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration, to attend for the Military Service Examination. Shin-mi, with everything in readiness, takes her steps to the Military Manpower Administration.


Nischhal Sharma, Indien 2021, 13’ (English, Hindi/EN)

Rimi, a housewife, stuck in the mundane life of domesticity finds herself on the threshold of leaving everything behind and embracing liberation when a desire awakens in her after she encounters young and attractive Riya.

Discussion with the filmmakers after the screening.