Doc Shorts Competition


The rope’s kiss

Karina Aceves, Mexiko 2020, 9’ (Spanish, French/ EN)

The journey of three women willing to explore their sexuality, giving themselves to the pleasure of the ropes, through the Shibari.

The Space Around You

Rainer Kelly, Australien 2021, 11’ (English)

Sarah and Bec are a queer creative couple that collaborate, perform and live together. A snapshot of their excessively busy pre-pandemic lifestyle contrasts the following scenes in which we witness a day in the life of their adaptation to a new found existence amid an arts industry in turmoil.

About queens and other colors

Juan Herrera Zuluaga, Guatemala 2020, 17’ (Spanish/EN)

Queens, drags and transgender people tell of their experiences performing and living out their dreams in a hostile and homophobic society – colourful, heart-breaking and disturbing in equal measures.

Bellydance Vogue

Hadi Moussally, Frankreich 2020, 5’ (Arabic/EN)

Hadi’s birthday landed on the 3rd of April, 2020 during lockdown and for the first time he celebrated it all by himself.

All Monsters Are Human

Helen Spooner, Hugh Davis, Vereinigtes Königreich 2019, 21’, (Azerbaijani/EN)

In September 2017 the police carried out brutal attacks against the LGBT community in Azerbaijan. Dozens of people were arrested and subsequently tortured and raped in prison. Like many others, Roma, Katrin and Lisa fell victim to these police raids and suffered cruel treatment. They escaped from Azerbaijan and found refuge in Istanbul. Through their narratives and the use of original animation, this documentary reveals their past as well as their fears about the future. LGBT individuals are one of the most vulnerable groups in Turkey. Even in Istanbul they live in daily fear that they may suffer the same fate as in their homeland.

Tiefe Kümmernis

Shyam L. Jones, Österreich 2019, 5‘ (English)

Ben (alter-ego: Tiefe Kümmernis) is a drag queen and art historian who sheds light on fashion and queer history on his tours through the prestigious Museum of Art History in Vienna.


Jan Soldat, Österreich, Deutschland 2021, 16‘, (German/EN)

Norbert, affable gay Austrian fellow, sits or stands naked in various poses in his small apartment. It is clear, that Norbert has no penis, and in its stead has had a winged penis tattooed above the space where it used to be. Norbert recounts his story matter-of-factly, relating how he was alienated from his penis from a young age, and what his ex-boyfriend, family and friends think of his decision to take matters into his own hands and remove it. Nullo is a fascinating portrait of an individual with penis dysmorphia who appears to be much happier and content without the very appendage that provides many men – especially gay men – with their entire raison d’être.

Discussion with the filmmakers after the screening.