Book presentation «Das Jungfernhäutchen gibt es nicht»


Followed by a talk with author Oliwia Hälterlein and Fabienne Bieri (Luststreifen)


Between lunch and sports lessons, in shared flats, advertisements and in YouTube tutorials, on porn sites or as a reminder at your parents’ kitchen table: the fairytale of the so-called «hymen» is everywhere. Even if the myth is only a small building block in the patriarchal system, it has a long history and has restricted the freedom and mental health of many people for centuries. The author Oliwia Hälterlein confronts the legend with anatomical reality, guides through film, music and pop culture and explains the medieval origin of the ominous blood in the Virgin-Tales. Wildly, beautifully and viciously illustrated by comic author Aisha Franz, Maro booklet #2 is dedicated to lies and truths about bloodstained sheets, tearing velvet hair bands, stolen flowers and lascivious saints. A journey through family traditions, anatomical foundations and language habits, cultural values and constraints, and a call for solidarity against patriarchal fantasies. In other words: Death to the hymen myth!

© Aisha Franz

The recently published booklet «Das Jungfernhäutchen gibt es nicht» (MaroVerlag) is a broad-legged and wildly, beautifully and viciously illustrated pamphlet to abolish the myths surrounding the so-called «hymen».

Oliwia Hälterlein presents the publication with text excerpts, quotations and pictures. The author then speaks in an open discussion group, led by Fabienne Bieri, why the “hymen myth” is in urgent need of social discussion.


The author Oliwia Hälterlein is a cultural scientist and dramatic advisor. In both text and performance, she moves at the interface between sex positive feminism and art. She is co-founder of the Freiburg Action Week for Sex Education «Aufgeklärt?! Wir nehmen´s selbst in die Hand», gives lectures and workshops on the myth of hymen and feminist pornography «Femporn – wtf?!» /