We are a safer space – be aware!

At our festival we support a «Safer Space Policy». By a conscious and empathetic contact with each other we want to avoid attacks, discrimination and the crossing of boundaries of any kind. We are all aware of our responsibilities and are called upon to work for a safer space where everyone is welcome.

At Luststreifen, our visitors are not discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, skin colour, nationality, class or body. How and where an assault begins is always determined by the person affected.

We want all persons, especially genderqueers, non-binary and trans* people, to feel safe, comfortable and free at the festival. Let us excercise our own actions and conversations together in a consensual, respectful and supportive way, respecting the limits of others. Only a yes is a yes!

Pictures and videos will be taken at the festival. If you don’t want to be photographed, contact the person taking the picture. If you want us to remove an image from our website or social media channels. please contact medien@luststreifen.com directly.