12. Luststreifen Film Festival Basel 2. – 6.10.2019

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12. Luststreifen Film Festival Basel 2. – 6.10.2019


Screening QUEERCORE - How to Punk a Revolution

Der Film vom Yony Leyser erzählt die Geschichte jener lose verbundenen Gruppe von nordamerikanischen Punk-Künstler_innen, die in den 1980er und 90er Jahren ihre queeren Identitäten radikal ins Zentrum der eigenen Arbeiten rückten – und sich damit nicht nur gegen die damals von heterosexuellen Männern dominierte und latent homophobe Punk-Szene auflehnten, sondern auch gegen den allzu angepassten schwulen Mainstream.

Regisseur Yony Leyser lässt dazu die schillernden Schlüsselfiguren der Bewegung zur Wort kommen: die Filmemacher_innen Bruce LaBruce und G. B. Jones, die Musiker_innen Kim Gordon, Jody Bleyle und Kathleen Hana, ihren schamlosen Wegbereiter John Waters – und viele mehr. Präsentiert von Luststreifen Film Festival Basel, US 2017, 83 Min., englische OF mit deutschen UT.

Das Screening findet am Sonntag, 12.5.19 um 19:00 im SUD Basel, Burgweg 7, 4058 Basel statt.

Luststreifen Film Festival Basel


Im Rahmen von
«Bunt! Basel divers»
Die Themenwoche zum IDAHOT

Luststreifen Screens

Luststreifen film festival has a new direction

In 2007 the project luststreifen was established by habs queer basel. Due to growing popularity and structural growth the festival dared to take the next big step and founded its own «Verein». Since 20th march 2018 a newly formed team organises events throughout the year as well as an annual festival at the end of September.

Through film, performances, visual and verbal images luststreifen presents diverse, transnational work. Bringing together people and their creative outputs from the german- and french-speaking part of Switzerland luststreifen builds a space of encounter and knowledge transfer raising identity-based issues. Respect, equity and acceptance form core values of ours and are reflected in the curated program.

Based on new professional challenges festival director Ledwina Siegrist will give up her position. Since 2012 as part of the filmprogrammation team Ledwina shaped the festival more and more. She co-founded the independent association «Luststreifen Film Festival», together with Viviane Zitzer in 2018. Ledwina continues to fight with the organisation Terre des Femmes Schweiz – for more feminism and equity in Switzerland.

Tara Toffol, Pascale Thomann and Xenia Nguyen take over the new position of the festival direction.

Luststreifen Screens

© Anaïs Steiner


Luststreifen Film Festival is an alternative, independent film festival touching the subjects of politics, arts, diversity, equal rights and gender questions.

Luststreifen Film Festival Basel devotes itself since 2008 to the cultural and political task of promoting discussions and diversity. The film festival provides cultural and social activities space and gives inputs for a more liberal, social and democratic society with more self-responsibility and public spirit.

The festival advocates for more diversity and open-mindedness for each individual as well as the whole community. The multitude of movies and the diverse supporting program is meant to stimulate thought-processes which may have direct impacts on a social scale. The important thing is to disrupt strict borders, to ensure that new ways of collaboration are made possible as well as making room for new players to join the discourse.

Luststreifen Film Festival also supports Swiss newcomers through tender offers for submissions, networking gatherings and prices for artist, by which the festival developed into an attractive platform for local artist and producers.

More informations on the Festival Website 2018:
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You will find the past editions below:


We would like to continue to invite international guests and organize a diverse supporting program. We cannot cover the costs with the funds generated during the festival. Besides sponsoring we are happy about every support. This also includes private donations – every contribution is welcome!

It is also possible to fund a film. With CHF 500.– (film) or CHF 1'000.– (film and guest) you are in. With this you exclusively support a film, or the invitation of a director to the festival. In return, you will have the opportunity to get to know the invited guest personally (as well as a donation receipt). Interested? Contact us at info@luststreifen.com.


For further questions and suggestions please contact us at info@luststreifen.com.

Bank Details

Account at Raiffeisen Bank, St. Jakobs-Strasse 7, 4052 Basel
BC-Nr.: 81486
IBAN: CH59 8148 6000 0092 9693 0
Luststreifen Film Festival Basel, 4057 Basel CH


We are interested in any kind of short or feature film that is queer, radical, feminist, political, revolutionary, sex-positive, provocative, critical, experimental, animated, artistic, innovative, progressive or documentary.
There are no restrictions as to genre, format, length or year of release.

English subtitles are required for all non-English or non-German films.
For the film viewing we only accept digital copies, submitted as online links!

You can submit your film via film freeway or via mail.
There is no entrance fee on film freeway: filmfreeway.com/luststreifen
Mail submissions: xenia.nguyen@luststreifen.com

Deadline: 31st May 2018

The following prizes will be awarded:
Audience Award
Best Documentary Short
Best Fictional Short
Best Porn Short


Verein Luststreifen Film Festival Basel
c/o Ateliergemeinschaft 24
Schneidergasse 24
4051 Basel

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