About the Festival

Luststreifen wants to enable an active, enlightening exchange by means of workshops and screenings of international films on the subject of queer feminism. Gender and sexual orientation do not play a role here. We give filmmakers and creative people a platform to show themselves and their work to the world. Everyone is welcome to come and wipe the everyday dust off their or soul.


Neues Kino,

Klybeckstrasse 247, Basel

kult.kino camera,

Rebgasse 1, 4058 Basel - Film Programme


Klybeckstrasse 241/K104, 4057 Basel - Fringe Programme, Festival Center

Padel Halle/Yoga Raum/ Pilz Welle Lust,

Klybeckstrasse 141/K102, 4057 Basel - Fringe Programme, Lust*Market


We are a Safer Space. Be Aware!

Even though it is often not our Intention to (deliberately) hurt or embarrass anyone or even to put someone in an uncomfortable Situation, it can happen sometimes. It is important to realize that there are some people that have to endure these hurtful situations daily. The culprit behind this is a System which we know to be heteronormative patriarchy, which, sadly, can show up unconsciously even in those who are aware about it. Discrimination can happen without any malicious intent and can be camouflaged as innocent curiosity or as ones need to put people in categories. This curiosity and behaviour are anything but innocent. It can be hurtful, cross people’s boundaries and is discriminating. “I didn’t mean it like that” will not be tolerated here! It is up to the affected person to decide if discrimination has taken place. It is our collective responsibility to create a respectful and safe environment for everyone. Please follow our Safer-Space Policies! Affected persons are not obligated to provide education. Respectful interaction requires the willingness to deal independently with various forms of discrimination.


At neues kino, people who rely on walking and mobility aids are welcome to ask the bar staff to help them into the movie theater, as it can only be reached via a few steps. All other locations are wheelchair accessible.

Covid Info

We would like to give access to our festival to as many people as possible. Therefore, please come as tested as possible. Wash and disinfect your hands regularly at the festival. If you feel sick, please take a test and stay home.

Luststreifen venues are all accessible via BVB public transportation.

Getting to neuen kino, Humbug and Padel Halle
Tram line 8 from SBB railway station in the direction of Kleinhüningen/ Weil am Rhein, tram stop Ciba

Getting to kult.kino camera:
Tram line 8 from SBB railway station in the direction of Kleinhüningen/ Weil am Rhein, tram stop Claraplatz

Jury and Awards

The Lust Awards are presented in recognition of outstanding cinematic achievements in relation to their queer feminist contribution to society by a select, professional jury of experts. The Lust Awards only consider Short Films submitted to the festival.

A total of 4 Lust Awards will be presented in the following categories

  • Audience Award
  • Best Documentary Short
  • Best Fictional Short
  • Best Porn Short

This year we announce our winners of the Lust Awards with a BANG. Get ready for the Award Ceremony during Lust*Voll 2 aka Festival Party. Cheers.

Yuvviki Dioh

Yuvviki Dioh, geboren 1991 in Zürich, ist seit Februar 2022 als Agentin für Diversität am Schauspielhaus Zürich tätig. Davor war sie in der (politischen) Kommunikationswissenschaft als Doktorandin am Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung der Universität Zürich (IKMZ) beschäftigt. Yuvviki arbeitet zu anti-rassistischen, queer-feministischen sowie macht- und gesellschaftskritischen Themen – auch in aktivistisch-kollektiven und öffentlichen Kontexten. Sie war zudem in verschiedenen Rollen und Funktionen (Schauspiel, Creative Consultant, Produktionsleitung, Vereinsleitung) in der freien Theaterszene in der Stadt Zürich unterwegs. Heute nutzt Yuvviki ihr über die Jahre hinweg gesammeltes akademisches und aktivistisches Wissen, um die diversitäts-orientierte Organisationsentwicklung des Schauspielhaus Zürich nachhaltig mitzugestalten.

Julie Folly

Julie Folly ist eine aktive Dyke in der queeren Szene der Schweiz. Als Künstlerin erforscht sie Körper und Sexualität durch die Sprachen der Fotografie, des Videos, der Performance und der Installation. Seit 2018 ist Julie Mitglied von Oil Productions, einem Pornokollektiv mit Sitz in der Schweiz und Buenos Aires. Sie ist ausserdem Koordinatorin und eine der Kuratorinnen der Kinosektion von FdS - la Fête du Slip, Festival der Sexualitäten und Gender in Lausanne.

Lara Perren

Lara Perren (*1998) arbeitet als selbstständige Animatorin und Illustratorin in Bern. Sie hat 2021 ihren Bachelor in Animation an der Hochschule Luzern - Design und Kunst abgeschlossen und zusammen mit Anna Lena Spring und Sarah Binz das Studio Agrégat gegründet. Ihr mehrfach ausgezeichneter Abschlussfilm „Sauna“ (Co-Regie mit Anna Lena Spring), zelebriert Körperakzeptanz und Nacktheit.


With more than 20 freelancers, from creative minds to administrative cracks, a colourful festival is put together with a lot of love and enthusiasm. We are inspired by the queer world, where being different is normal and love knows no boundaries. We would like to bring this barrier-free universe closer to you with the Luststreifen Film Festival. We are a team that creates an unforgettable festival experience for you every year. Hand in hand, we want to encourage you to rethink and together with you, we want to create more space for diversity.

Alessandra Widmer, Kayleigh Wittlin, Beat Scheidegger, Florian Eckert

Festival management
Toni Kovacevic, Tara Toffol, Xenia Nguyen

Programming and program coordination
Katja Morand, Ana Santos, Anna Bell, Noemi Daugaard, Michelle Beutler, Luisa Durrer, Gin Burri

Press and Public Relations
Pascale Thomann

Emily Wren, Maria Fratta

Social Media
Silja Fleischli

Yannick Gerber, Anni Spörri

Lotta Breitenfeld

Side program
Fabienne Bieri, Gaby Soliman, Iva Preprotić

Maria Fratta, Pietro Vitali

Accounting and cash register
Toni Kovacevic, Lorena Plozza

Food and beverage
Jazmin Camenzind

Film technology
Tobias Voss

Julia Brun, Lea Dora Illmer


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The non-profit association Luststreifen Film Festival Basel is dedicated to the cultural-political mission of promoting the queer-feminist film and cultural scene in Basel and Switzerland. The main goal of the association is to strengthen diversity and tolerance in society and thereby to promote and display social acceptance of different ways of living. Luststreifen does not pursue commercial gain and does not seek to make a profit. It is politically and denominationally neutral and independent.

As a member you will receive information on all events, Goodies and the programme booklet will be sent to you in advance. Within the association, you will encounter a large community that actively promotes discussion and diversity and is characterized by strong social cohesion. Corporate members and organizations also benefit from reduced sponsorship options.

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