12. Luststreifen Film Festival Basel 2. – 6.10.2019

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How to support

We would like to continue to invite international guests and organize a diverse side programme. We can not cover the costs with the funds generated through the festival. In addition to our sponsoring we look forward to your support. This includes private donations – every contribution is welcome!

Contact Details
You can reach us at info@luststreifen.com for further questions or suggestions.

Account Disclosures
Account at Raiffeisen Bank, Jakobs-Strasse 7, 4052 Basel
BC-Nr.: 81486
IBAN: CH86 8080 8004 3787 1231 9
Luststreifen Film Festival Basel, 4057 Basel CH
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Association Luststreifen Film Festival

The non-profit association Luststreifen Film Festival Basel is dedicated to to the cultural-political mission of promoting the queer-feminist film and cultural scene in Basel and in all of Switzerland. The main goal of the association is to strengthen diversity and tolerance in society and through that foster acceptance and visibility of various lifestyles in society. The association Luststreifen Film Festival is a non-profit organisation and it is politically and denominationally neutral.

Membership advantages
Active members of the association contribute to the organisation and the execution of the Festival. Even if you are not interested in actively participating in the organising team, your membership fee would support the organisation year-round and allow the realization of our goals.

You will be part of a culture oriented community, interested in fostering diversity and openness of the individual as well as society as a whole - through the medium film. The association supports newcomers to film and is an active platform for young swiss film-makers and screenwriters through our open call for entries, the annual awards and network events.
As a member you will also receive information to all side events, the festival programme itself beforehand, as well as a voucher for a free beverage during the festival.

Through the association you will be introduced to a big community that actively pushes discussion and diversity and is characterized by strong solidarity.
Company members and organisations also benefit from reduced sponsoring options.

Becoming a member
The yearly membership fee cost is CHF 40.- and is reduced to CHF 20.- for AHV/IV/unemployed individuals CHF 20.-. Company members and organisations contribute a minimum fee of CHF 240.-.

If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out the following online form:
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For the realization of the festival we are looking for numerous motivated volunteers, who support us actively in different areas - at the construction and dismantling, at the cash desk, at the hall entrance, in the festival center, at the bar, at the ticket sales, service, or as cinema support.
Would you like to volunteer for the Luststreifen? As a volunteer you will be working before, after or during the festival (on one, two or three days, depending on your wishes). As thanks and small compensation you will get merchandising gadgets, will be invited to the volunteer festival and receive a free day pass. Of course we will provide you with food and drinks during your shift.

For questions and further information please write to: Toni Kovacevic

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