12. Luststreifen Film Festival Basel 2. – 6.10.2019

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About the Festival

Luststreifen Film Festival is an alternative, independent film festival touching the subjects of politics, arts, diversity, equal rights and gender questions.

Luststreifen Film Festival Basel devotes itself since 2008 to the cultural and political task of promoting discussions and diversity. The film festival provides cultural and social activities space and gives inputs for a more liberal, social and democratic society with more self-responsibility and public spirit.

The festival advocates for more diversity and open-mindedness for each individual as well as the whole community. The multitude of movies and the diverse supporting program is meant to stimulate thought-processes which may have direct impacts on a social scale. The important thing is to disrupt strict borders, to ensure that new ways of collaboration are made possible as well as making room for new players to join the discourse.

Luststreifen Film Festival also supports Swiss newcomers through tender offers for submissions, networking gatherings and prices for artist, by which the festival developed into an attractive platform for local artist and producers.