from 10:00am to 08:00pm is the first sexpositive, queer-feminist sex shop in Switzerland. We offer a selected range of high quality sex toys, safer sex products, lubricants and accessories. We also provide information on topics related to sexuality. disregards outdated role models and heteronormative ideas. Our community is open for all genders, bodies and sexual orientations.


LASH Fetish Gear

LASH Fetish Gear makes one of a kind collars, harnesses, bracelets, and other accessories. We use the highest quality leather, metal chains, vegan suede, and vegan leather to craft our unique designs. All of our pieces are handmade to order for customers around the world. Our designs adapt to all body shapes and sizes as we make each piece according to your measurements. At LASH Fetish Gear, we pride ourselves on embracing durability and longevity over fast fashion. Thus, our designs are as timeless and versatile as they can be, so you can rock them with any and all outfits for years to come. We hope you feel empowered, confident, and seductive with our designs!


LASH Fetish Gear



Karmaglitzer is the first biodegradable glitter in Switzerland. It is sustainably produced and made from natural plant products. It is based on the cellulose of eucalyptus.

We would like to draw the attention of glitter enthusiasts to the fact that conventional glitter is made of plastic and therefore harmful to the environment. Karmaglitzer is a wonderful alternative, because glitter also works in harmony with nature.




Hbbp Minibags for Diversity

Minibags for diversity, handmade in Bern


Book corner Labyrinth Basel

The bookstore «Das Labyrinth» is a bookstore of the hearts and place of trust for many people in Basel. «Das Labyrinth» has a humanitarian orientation and, in addition to expert advice, they support the acquisition of unusual or rare titles. In contrast to large bookstores with a confusing range of books flooded with bestsellers, «Das Labyrinth» is an oasis of peace and a small paradise where gems can be discovered of which the reader had no idea about. «Das Labyrinth» is delighted to have your support – buy local!


Merch Corner

Luststreifen Merch Corner