Doc Shorts Competition – sold out!

Duration 75′

In this short film block we approach the social constraints in different cultures as well as other political issues in very different ways.

Hair, Queer, and Rain
Ji Kim, South Korea 2020, 3′ (Korean/EN)

After I met my first white girlfriend, I decided to cut off my pubic hair for the first time. Am I liberated from the traditional rules that prevent any damage of the body? Or is my body now under the control of the new rules?

Mat et les Gravitantes
Pauline Penichout, France 2019, 26′ (French/EN)

In a squat in Nantes, Mat and her friends organise a self-gynaecology workshop to “look at oneself and know oneself.” A lively and intimate portrait of a young woman, filmed through her personal and collective questioning of the relationship with oneself, love, sex and the links that they all maintain between each other.

Beautiful Bondage
Izzy Argent, United Kingdom 2020, 2′ (English)

An interview with two people on their experience of Shibari, and what it means to them.

Garima Kaul, India 2019, 29′ (Indian, English/EN)

Experiences with being asexual in India- ‘Desire?’ lays bare the lived realities of the minority community that identifies as asexual in a sexually conservative Indian society. The camera traces the journeys of individuals from different parts of India, how their loves, lives, and relationships swirl in the endless conundrum of identity, subverting the narrative of normative sexuality.

Is It Really Sex
Julia Patey, Jule Grienitz, Tobi Jall, German 2020, 3′ (German/EN)

Sexual practices long regarded as perversions seem to have become mainstream. Things like bondage, spanking and sensory deprivation appear more and more in popular media and draw millions to the cinemas. In the metropoles, sex parties and fetish events are booming. But as public interest grows, so does the number of misconceptions about these delicate matters.

Lost ID
Axel González, Mexico 2020, 13′ (Spanish/EN)

Castiel, a 25 years old transgender man reflects about his identity through gender, the ways he transgresses this concept and how it influences his own perception and the world around him.

Juno Álvarez, María Lorente, mariona Vázquez, Yaiza de Lamo, Spain 2019, 24′ (Spanish/EN)

DIYSEX is a film that reflects on the use of the image and the language of mainstream pornography, and wonders how far this use can transcend when making your own porn film.