12. Luststreifen Film Festival Basel 2. – 6.10.2019

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This year various guests will be present at the Luststreifen Film Festival. Experts of all kinds are represented: filmmakers, artists, performance artists, musicians, designers and photographers.


Sascha wasn't always Sascha. But now that's Sascha's name. Sascha was born in the Netherlands in 1992 to a Dutch/Czech couple, and graduated from high school last summer. Sascha is currently studying psychology at the University of Zurich and gender studies in Basel.

Christopher Bullen

Born and raised in Basel, studied psychology in England and moved to Berlin to become a dancer. Currently acts as a freelancer, active member of the House of Melody, 2012-2019, first German Ballroom House, which has now joined the legendary international house of St Laurent, est.1982 in NYC, runs New Way Vogue Performance, teaches Voguing, workshops, collaborated in various productions (Gareth Pugh SS19, Ergonomics by Rocio Berenguer, Catalogue of Disguise by Tanja Bombach/Traumabar and Kino) and performanced with various artists throughout Europe (Cakes da Killa, Nura, Peaches, Dixon, Ame etc.).

Oda Haiti

Oda Haliti is a DJane from Kosovo who has a regular presence in music and plays in the most renowned bars, clubs and festivals in the Balkans and Europe. She is a feminist and enthusiastic human rights activist. Her many years of social commitment and her work still have a great influence on the cultural scene in Kosovo.

Camila Kater

Camila Kater is a director, animator and production designer. Bachelor of Medialogy with undergraduate sandwich in Film and Television Production by Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK). She served in stop-motion productions as animator, art director and puppet maker in short as Apple The Trial (2013), Flirt (2015), Indescribable (being finalized); and as an art and animation assistant on the feature film "Bob Cuspe, we do not like people" (in production) from Coala Filmes. Her shortfilm FLESH co-produced by Abano (Spain) and Doctela (Brazil) has been selected for the development of laboratory Bridging The Gap Animation Lab MiradasDoc (Tenerife, Spain).

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardell

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell are Berlin-based nasty chefs serving New Queer Cuisine. Their nine-film tasting menu began in 2016 with Breakfast in Bed and was followed by Dear Babe (2017), Brunch on Bikes (2019), The Pizza Topping (2019), and Dic Pic Picnic (2020).

Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi is an “Angelic Troublemaker Incarnate”- passionate and energetic public speaker, storyteller, television pundit, campaigner, actor and Vlogger. His expertise on Social Justice ranges from Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to Race and Race Relations, Feminism, Education and Poverty Alleviation. He has done a lot of work around “Intersexuality” and currently on a global Intersectionality tour.

Rubis Collective (Saphir Cocks & Diamond's Bitch)

RUBIS COLLECTIVE: Rubis Collective is a collective of queer artists aiming to create interdisciplinary, sexually explicit artwork. With PORN as our main media, we want to make films that are both artistic as well as sexually arousing, putting the narrative in the center of sexual representation. We think that today’s mainstream gay porn is inefficient to provide us with the narratives, the diversity and the stories we want to see, serving only as mechanical relief of today’s society. We want to add our voices to the new generation of pornographers who are trying to give porn a new face.